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Students in Africa among the most dissatisfied globally

South Africa African students are among the world's least satisfied students. Based on data from 126,000 ratings from students at 3,661 institutions across 126 countries—including South Africa, Nigeria, and Egypt—and representing 200 different nationalities, the 2023 Global Student Satisfaction Awards (GSSA) are determined.

Seven categories are used to determine the global winners.

Both domestic and foreign students have written reviews.


Our lecturers were actively participating on the Portal page, providing guidance and answers to problems, and we had extremely encouraging study groups on WhatsApp.


He stated that many students, particularly in this era of "connectivity," want to see their universities uphold the same standards of care and service as other higher educational institutions across the world. African countries, he noted, have faced a fair share of difficulties that are difficult to overcome.

In the area of career development prospects, the nation fared the worst, scoring 3.91 out of a possible 4.08 globally.South African students who answered identified crime as their biggest issue, whereas Nigerian students expressed dissatisfaction about long-lasting and frequent strikes by lecturers, the standard of instruction, and the amenities that were provided.